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Flooding, Trees and Bunnies


After coming home from a visit to Austin this past weekend, I experienced getting caught up in some flooding in my neighborhood the other night. Now the outdoors are on my mind.

Planning a photo adventure to get some reference shots and paint a mini landscape series.

Also, going to continue cr…

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Connection through Color stories


Hello there loving person,

Welcome to my journal, blog, virtual zen room;    

Today seeking connection.... So this post will be simple and to the point, although your answers may not be (and that is totally okay). 

Just a couple of questions.........

What is your favorite color or go …

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A long time since I have journeyed in the blogosphere here. Even started another blog following a different focus then behind the scenes of myself as an artist. My motivation lost its luster amongst the other blogs intent. 

Everything circling back to my creativity here. 

Thank the universe…

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