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Lovely day

I have the acceptance for my personal eclectic art style, I am clear about my love for dark movies,
melancholy music, abstract, modern or narrative expressionism, fauvism, and surrealism. It gets me 
through hard days where my mind is exhausted and yet still wants to spin. It calms me like flowers, bird watching 
 or mechanics might be calming for someone else. 

There is practicing in my life though to enjoy the outdoors, the rain, the smells, the beauty in nature's cycles
more. Getting to live in the country yet close enough to the city for work, I am thankful. After a super intense
high mental energy four days I can then melt into the whining road of trees, cuddles with the girl pups and projects 
my husband needs help with. 

A perfectly lovely day would be a day of light breeze in a hammock, wearing some comfy cotton Mary Jane shoes
and reading a book about abstract expressionism. If it is not raining out, a little tablet top fountain can be going nearby. 

Like I said in the beginning not everyone relaxes the same way. But, maybe try the outdoors, since we have all been 
cooped up in masks for a year and longer. Speaking of masks I have been enjoying a different kind lately, facial masks



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