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It's that time of year


Two days away until one of my favorite things to do
each year.
 The 1st begins drawlloween 202…

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No words

No words today. Someone passed 
and allowing that empty space to be felt. 


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Masks make me tired. Sometimes while wearing it I forget to breathe. 
Then I grasp for air and g…

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Born an Empath




I woke up this morning again feeling exhausted. Granted I did work 60 hours at…

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Essential day worker, thankful for her job. I am praying for those less fortunate and those on the f…

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Driving the wall

Can you drive the wall? Can you pass others to move forward? 

Do you feel stuck in the slow lane…

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Happy Birthday

Son in law  HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I give you my heart's words today. I am so very thankful for you! 

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