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 [ Eclectic Visual Artist ]

The original Romy. 

I was born in FL.

I've Lived in FL. LA. TX. KY. IN.

(I'll let you guess which state I lived in against my will.)


I've been showing and exhibiting my art since 1993,​ and have had an online presence for just as long.

Surviving on coffee.

I was a young mother, and am now best friends with my two adult children, their partners, and my beautiful grandson.

Happily married.

Proud dog Mom (RIP, Amy).

SO Sober. 

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Here's The Thing: 

I have been painting my entire life.

It is as much a part of me as my voice, and in fact, I had paint brushes to help me articulate my feelings before I could really speak. 

How then, am I meant to articulate what motivates me to create the things I do? 

It's a contended exhale after a long day spent trudging away behind a computer. 

It's a friend that meets me and listens to me whole heartedly, and rapturously.


It's a teacher. It's freedom. It's my joy.


Who Do I Paint For?  


The truth is, I have always been an 'other', an underdog, a lost girl; I see myself so clearly in that group. I hope my art is for everyone.


The secret goths who were forced into an insane evangelical girl’s school. The young 30 something that listened to angry bitch rock but couldn’t stand up for herself until her late 40s. The lover of dark and winding shows, stories, and macabre. The people who want blue hair but haven’t made the leap. The cheerleader of the downtrodden. The people that say nothing, but then the dam breaks and all of the words flood out and people are silenced by it. The dreamers, introverts, people with dark humor but big bright hearts and intentions. The people that rather be home with their dogs. The only children that wished for siblings. Anyone who has ever felt misunderstood. Unloved. Unheard. 


I hear you. I see you. I paint you. 

We are all the leaves in the trees that I paint so often. 

We are the cupped hands of goddesses and angels I depict in broad strokes.  

We are each and every star in every abstract sky on canvas. 


Eclectic / eccentric / nerds / oddballs / he, him, her, she, they, no one / zen-punks|goths|expressionists| / kind cynics / spiritualists / evangelicals / mystics / collectors / creators / butchers / bakers / candlestick makers.

I hope there is something here for each of you. 


Smile even if they can't see it. Laugh during these long days. Love, love in your kind ways.