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Hello are you there?


Essential day worker, thankful for her job. I am praying for those less fortunate and those on the frontlines. 
Sending healing into the universe, a hedge of protection, air hugs and mindful manifestation of kindness 
in all we do. 

Beautiful Sunshine thank you for your warmth, Wind thankful for your cool breeze, Streams, rivers thankful for 
your gift to our bodies, Moon thank you for your guiding light. Creator thank you for creating it all bang or daily spark. 



Driving the wall

Can you drive the wall? Can you pass others to move forward? 

Do you feel stuck in the slow lane? Took me 20 years to drive the 

wall comfortably. There is no time limit, except for the one you

set. Meditate, mantra's, prayer, practice, distract that lil  inner one and 

teach them something new. It can happen without them knowing. 

Search for those answers, drive the wall. 


By the way the moon feels closer here in this new place. 



Happy Birthday

Son in law  HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I give you my heart's words today. I am so very thankful for you! 
You are a true blessing in my life. To love one as deeply as I do touches the depths of my being. To 
add another (grandson) to the equation more beautiful than the brightest twinkle in the sky, a gift I cherish daily. 

Your magical logical thinking and dipping, swaying of your thoughts into my bloods (daughter) adventurous
ever changing path, warms my soul. I am proud of the man you are. When your image crosses my
mind, it brings a smile to my face and sometimes those happy tears you see. 

May the lasagna days only last seconds in the grand scheme of the much bigger picture. I pray if there
is an afterlife you are in mine, when it is time. Sad words, but, they aren't. Honestly, they
are the deepest thing I can think to say. Now and beyond, thank you. I love you dear one. 




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