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Dreams and Wishes

My main passion has always been painting first. There are times I walk away from it for a little time
to create little gifts for others. 

My recent little projects are wish bottles and dream boxes. I read somewhere once, that one tool you can
use is a little prayer box to stop obsessing over your desire, wish or dream. 

I filled up a little box I had and to my surprise, there were things in there that I now had in my life. 


wish bottles by Romy Kelly

I am going to fill these little bottles with glitter a little token and a personalized wish for each friend. 
The important part of this is listening to them carefully, for what they say they really want. 

The wish I write will be on a seed embedded paper
I took apart a little journal book I have had for many years and never used, simply because, I 
felt the paper itself was so special. To share it with friends seems a special enough use for me to now use it. 

My friends have their own little collectibles or interests the token in their bottle will be based on that interest. 

Wish Boxes 

For my little wish boxes, I'll paint them using gesso and acrylic paint, adding a little 
paper embellishments and sealing with acrylic sealer. 

Keep your daydreams alive by helping others Keep theirs too. 

As an amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 


Walk away, Make changes.

There are times that I think I just want to throw my painting away.
I as an artist am my own worst critic. Even with a well thought out plan
for your image, things can go south. 

Time has taught me though, that if I walk away from that piece moving on to 
another one, I can go back and tackle that feeling in different ways once I
look it over again. 

I can yes of course throw it away, I can keep it around for reference as what
not to do, or I can use a surface preparation medium to change just enough of 
the work to correct or change what was bothering me about the piece. 

There are times I accomplished this, by using the same gesso I use to prep the
painting itself. There is one I particularly like to use called
Liquitex Professional Gesso Surface Prep Medium, Clear, 32-oz.
It has a gritty feeling that the paint adheres to well. 

If I am working on a canvas or even a heavyweight paper I'll also use
Liquitex 5321 Professional Matte Gel Medium, 8-oz, 8 oz, Clear
to layer the paint giving it an impasto look. 

Here is an example of how I altered the part of an acrylic painting I was not happy 

If you want a more precise line change you can also get  the painters tape,
like the Artist Tape on the left of this page.

You will also see a book listed there, I think is a how-to paint
in acrylics reference. 

Happy Painting. :) 

Oridinary Organizing

When your in the zone the splatter splats, the water changes color, your
brushes quite the sprung group of disarrangement. 

It's sometimes a good feeling to take a moment to regroup, organize, 
sort meditatively refreshing your creative space. 

I found that these U.S. Art Supply Plastic Artist Round Multi Hole Paint Brush Organizer
Holder - Holds 50 Brushes Upright
  which helped me to get my smaller brushes and some
go to marker intact. 

Brush Organizer Holder

For some items I don't use regularly I keep it simple and use these Pioneer Photo Albums Photo Storage Box, 1, Black 
Which I happen to need more of and will be getting myself very

If you prefer a little fancier label you can use get something 
like this American Crafts 12-Piece DIY Shop Fancy Chalkboard Labels 

In my home studio, I sew random things like little perfectly imperfect stuffed bunnies for my daughter.
My husband had an old display rack for his miniature cars he was not using.
I painted over the red and blue color that it was, making it fit my aesthetic using seafoam colors
and a little yellow. Also, adding little leather twists for hooks to hold random items to easily get to. 

Here is one you can get and style it to your own liking 1: 12 Dollhouse Miniature Wooden Storage Rack
16 Grid Shelves Doll House Wall Rack Bookshelf Display Dollhouse Furniture Accessories

I am also looking into purchasing a painting drying rack too, like this one
Sprogs Art Drying Rack, 17 1/2" W x 14 1/2" D x 38" H, Blue/White, SPG-LED1027N-SO 

So that's all for my organizing hack suggestions. Happy organizing, I hope you have an awesome evening.
Feel free to reach out anytime. You can contact me on my contact page, or via any of my social media accounts. 

Bye, ya'll until next weekend. 

As an amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


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Architect -2011 Acrylic © romykelly 




Recycle and Repurpose

Even a little bit of recycling
or repurposing makes a difference. 

Here are some ways I have recycled 
or repurposed items as an artist. 

Detergent lids recycled.

Recycling bubble gum container picture






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