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Born an Empath




I woke up this morning again feeling exhausted. Granted I did work 60 hours at my day
job this past week. It is much more then that though. I am reminded of a recent conversation
with a friend who was explaining the hardship of herself being an empath

Just being there listening to her and being in the same space as her. Six feet
away of course, I shook my head acknowledging every example she was 
giving about how she was feeling physically and emotionally drained due to the current state of affairs. 
Imagine an empath feeling another empaths physical and emotional being.
Tough but, very necessary moments spent in that time together. 

There hasn't been a day that goes by that I haven't experienced the traits
of being an empath. Like the title of the Lady GaGa song,"I was born this way". 
It is not the easiest way to be. Sometimes even bothers other people
to the point that they are telling you how you need to change. Not being
who I am is not an option. Continuously working on preserving myself
while caring for others is the best I can do. 

Just read this article  in Psychology Today Magazine Written by Judith Orloff M.D. 
10 traits that Empathic people share and how to look out for your self if you are one. 
An easy read, looks like she also wrote a few books I myself might check into. 

Another resource to check out if you feel you maybe an empath or know someone
else that might be is the website Are You and Empath the post on September 7th, 2015
"The many signs of being an Empath-You are not alone." For my Christian friends
a video resource I found on YouTube called Can an Empath be a Christian? 

Here is a Ted talk given by Elena Herdieckerhoff "The gentle power of highly sensitive people".  
She invites you to imagine how to live with heighten senses, strong intuition and shares with you perks 
of being highly sensitive and are "not members of a special snowflake society" and she reiterates what I 
​said above Empaths are born this way. 



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