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Oridinary Organizing

When your in the zone the splatter splats, the water changes color, your
brushes quite the sprung group of disarrangement. 

It's sometimes a good feeling to take a moment to regroup, organize, 
sort meditatively refreshing your creative space. 

I found that these U.S. Art Supply Plastic Artist Round Multi Hole Paint Brush Organizer
Holder - Holds 50 Brushes Upright
  which helped me to get my smaller brushes and some
go to marker intact. 

Brush Organizer Holder

For some items I don't use regularly I keep it simple and use these Pioneer Photo Albums Photo Storage Box, 1, Black 
Which I happen to need more of and will be getting myself very

If you prefer a little fancier label you can use get something 
like this American Crafts 12-Piece DIY Shop Fancy Chalkboard Labels 

In my home studio, I sew random things like little perfectly imperfect stuffed bunnies for my daughter.
My husband had an old display rack for his miniature cars he was not using.
I painted over the red and blue color that it was, making it fit my aesthetic using seafoam colors
and a little yellow. Also, adding little leather twists for hooks to hold random items to easily get to. 

Here is one you can get and style it to your own liking 1: 12 Dollhouse Miniature Wooden Storage Rack
16 Grid Shelves Doll House Wall Rack Bookshelf Display Dollhouse Furniture Accessories

I am also looking into purchasing a painting drying rack too, like this one
Sprogs Art Drying Rack, 17 1/2" W x 14 1/2" D x 38" H, Blue/White, SPG-LED1027N-SO 

So that's all for my organizing hack suggestions. Happy organizing, I hope you have an awesome evening.
Feel free to reach out anytime. You can contact me on my contact page, or via any of my social media accounts. 

Bye, ya'll until next weekend. 

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