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Dreams and Wishes

My main passion has always been painting first. There are times I walk away from it for a little time
to create little gifts for others. 

My recent little projects are wish bottles and dream boxes. I read somewhere once, that one tool you can
use is a little prayer box to stop obsessing over your desire, wish or dream. 

I filled up a little box I had and to my surprise, there were things in there that I now had in my life. 


wish bottles by Romy Kelly

I am going to fill these little bottles with glitter a little token and a personalized wish for each friend. 
The important part of this is listening to them carefully, for what they say they really want. 

The wish I write will be on a seed embedded paper
I took apart a little journal book I have had for many years and never used, simply because, I 
felt the paper itself was so special. To share it with friends seems a special enough use for me to now use it. 

My friends have their own little collectibles or interests the token in their bottle will be based on that interest. 

Wish Boxes 

For my little wish boxes, I'll paint them using gesso and acrylic paint, adding a little 
paper embellishments and sealing with acrylic sealer. 

Keep your daydreams alive by helping others Keep theirs too. 

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